Bcaa´s + Glutmania Sascha Fitness

  • Accelerates recovery: the combination of amino acids in our formula helps to speed up recovery after training and decrease muscle soreness after workout.
  • Pre-intra and post workout: you can take our supplement before, during or after your workout. If your main focus is to improve your performance, strength and energy during training, we recommend you take it before or during but if your main goal is to improve your recovery and increase muscle mass you’ll benefit from taking it after your workout.
  • Five supplements in one: Our product has the complete effective dosages of 5 powerful ingredients, BCAA’s, GLUTAMINE, HMB, HICA and L-CARNITINE, it’s like talking five different supplements for the price and convenience of one.
  • Fat loss support and improves body composition: Our supplement helps to prevent muscle mass break down, supports muscle repair, increases protein synthesis, it also helps your body use more fat for energy and supports a healthy metabolism. And since it helps to increase the quality of your workout you will train more efficiently, burn more calories and as a result you’ll eventually improve body composition.
  • Enhances performance: The blend of aminoacids in our formula helps to significantly improve exercise performance, strength and endurance by supporting muscle cell repair and adaptation, your VO2max will also increase which enhances your training capacity in a great way. You will feel amazing during and after your workout!
  • Improves energy levels: Your energy levels during your workout will improve in a natural way, without stimulants and without any jitters or uncomfortable side effects. Your body will have more amino acids available during training, BCAAs enter the bloodstream rapidly, bypass breakdown in the liver, and are readily taken up by active tissues (mainly muscle), and act as more fuel, BCAAs provide an additional fuel source for working muscle, as BCAA’s breakdown for energy increases during prolonged exercise, at the same time L-Carnitine helps the body break down fatty acids and turn them into energy.
  • Cortisol Support: BCAA’s can help decrease cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that your body secretes mainly in response to stress, very intense and prolonged workouts can also raise cortisol levels, this hormone at high levels can promote muscle mass breakdown and increase fat accumulation.

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As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop with 10-14 oz of water and take it before, during or after workout or as directed by your qualified health consultant. Sascha Fitness BCAA’s has a sweet but refreshing taste, they are designed to be taken as soon as you prepare it, leaving the product a long time prepared can slightly change its flavor but does not change its quality.

Sascha Fitness BCAA’s is the latest in training supplementation. This unique and powerful amino acid blend enhances performance and recovery like no other. It will also provide you clean, long lasting energy to get you through even the most grueling of workouts, without stimulants and without any jitters or uncomfortable side effects. It can help you improve your body composition, muscle mass and also supports fat loss.

It’s 5 supplements in one! formulated with 4:11 BCAA’s, Glutamine, HMB, HICA and L-Carnitine. Why ours is best? Because of the quality we offer and the blend we designed.

It has the complete effective dosages of each ingredient. Our supplement is Vegan friendly and made with no artificial sweeteners, with natural flavors and colors.

It’s important to note that natural color always has batch to batch varation, which is normal. Powder may have a coloration that goes from white to light pink. It is also normal for natural colors to be darkened when they spend time mixed in water. Sometimes there can be some specs in the powder, those are pigments of the natural color.


^ 14.5 grams per scoop is an average. Individual scooping technique may yield slightly less or slightly more than 14.5 grams.

This product is packaged by weight, not by volume. Settling of contents occurs over time and cannot be avoided. Variations in aroma, color, taste and solubility may occur.

For adult use only. Consult a healthcare practitioner or a doctor prior to use, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have liver or kindey disease, or if you’ve been instructed to follow a low-protein diet. These product is produced in a facility with soy, dairy, egg and wheat ingredients, peanuts and tree nuts. All of our product have double protection, externally they have a clear safety band with our logo to make sure customers know the product is new, in perfect conditions and that the lid is secured. Once that band is removed it has another security seal attached to the opening of the pot, this helps protect the content of it, if for some reason the outer band is removed the product remains isolated and protected.Do not use if the seal under cap is broken, open or missing. Store away from heat and moisture. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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